Purposeful Parenting

Going for Broke

We all want was is best for our kids but what does purposeful parenting look like in practice?

Follow the creator of Anton’s Antics’ as he negotiates the challenges of being a parent.

“The blog's slogan started off as a joke between my wife and I, as it can be tough making ends meet and parenting is not easy. I want to hear Jesus say ‘well done, good and faithful servant’ with what He has entrusted to me.  We have to go for broke don’t we?

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Defiant Joy In Pandemic



SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 7th, 2020, Indie singer/songwriter, Skito, is pumped to release his provocative new single “JESUS DON’T YOU CARE?” on iTunes and other stores.


All the havoc wrought by the coronavirus pandemic profoundly disturbed the artist, driving him to confront our fear head on in an edgy new song.


“It’s been pretty hectic for all of us. We’re all in the same boat, facing the same storm. ‘Jesus Don’t You Care’ started out as a kind of complaint; a desperate cry for help. But then I realized that facing off natural disaster, disease and death was all part of Jesus’ day job. Somewhere in the process of writing I found myself walking dry footed to the other side, surrendering”.


The song’s immediately captivating driving beat is dramatically contrasted with the haunting vocals, of Natalie Lane’s chorus. A delightfully, surprising and joyful bridge section, invites us to let go and find true security in a shaky world.






How to Grow Your Child's Faith In Isolation

Fffear3PicblogWould you like entertaining, in depth-Biblical shows performed LIVE for your kids in your home to grow their faith?

As we face such unsettling times it’s natural to want to protect our kids from fear and anxiety. But there’s no hiding from them now that our world isn’t as ‘safe’ as we’d like it to be.

So, how do we guide our kids onto solid ground when they are so isolated from friends and church family?

Anton’s Antics’ Live on the Internet Shows are here to help!

With the onset of the pandemic and shutdown of ‘normal’ life as we know it, Anton’s Antics has been performing in depth, Bible shows to keep kids growing in Jesus by tackling tough subjects like fear and anxiety.

I’m Stephen Shearsby (aka Anton), the creator and performer of Anton’s Antics, Gospel Shows For Children and Families. For more than 10 years since I left Bible college and full time Family Ministry in Anglican churches in Sydney, I’ve been performing a full throttle, three act show in schools, churches and events, using multiple art-forms and three wonderful characters.

What makes Anton’s Antics unique?

Anton’s method of teaching is unquestionably unique, through storytelling with live colouful chalk drawing kids become glued to the unfolding message of the Bible show after show.

But that’s not all.

Each episode rapper Skito lifts the show to another level, celebrating what we’ve learnt for the day in one of his powerful beats and teaching us a memory verse.

Of-course the show would not have its name sake if it weren’t for the loveable, eccentric Slovakian trouble-maker, Anton. Anton is the comedy, who sets up the show, asks the big questions and reminds us why Jesus has to be No.1 in our lives.

All Anton’s characters and artforms coalesce into robust, well-rounded and memorable shows that are full of fun but never lacking in thought provoking, punch.

Right now, Anton is performing FREE, for a limited time, on Facebook to help families round the world as we deal with the unprecedented levels of panic, fear and anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic.

Your kids could be there asking questions and digging deep in the Scriptures, live in your own home!

All you have to do is join Anton's community here on www.antonsantics.com

Then, I’ll be in touch with the time and date for Anton’s next show, so your kids can join the audience LIVE in your home through Facebook!

How to keep your kids looking up in lockdown


With all our churches being in lockdown for the past month did you know that Anton has been busy performing live to kids and families on Facebook?

Anton's here to keep your kids looking up, when everything is looking down...and locking down!
Plus, you can now catch up on all the shows on Anton's Youtube channel.

Anton’s live shows are pretty full on, bringing the Bible to life for kids through a variety of art forms including three memorable characters over about 30 minute duration! That's right...Free, 30 minutes of live entertainment that clearly teaches the Bible in memorable ways for kids and famlies. Wow!

Let's recap what Anton's been teaching over the past 7 weeks!...

We began the first week of lockdown with two shows called ‘Freedom From Fear’ covering Mark chapter 4 and 5.

With Easter approaching we switched over to John’s gospel and followed the apostle Peter as he fumbles his way through Jesus' last days and what they meant for us all.

For the time being you can still catch up on these amazing shows through Anton’s Youtube channel.
Here’s a summary of the four big lessons from our Easter 2020, Covid 19 Series, called ‘Fame’:

    Fame #1: Pre-Wash (Why did it mean for Jesus to wash the disciples feet? (John 13))

    Fame #2: Deep Clean (Why did Jesus let himself be killed? (John 18))
    Fame #3: Deep Clean (Why did Jesus rise? (John 20))
    Fame #4: Good As New (What is the most important question in life? (John 21))

Go to Anton's Youtube Channel Now and Subscribe so that you are notified as new episodes are added!

Last Sunday we held a watch party and shared a previously unreleased video from Anton’s vault from the book of Haggai. Anton was there to answer questions and introduce the show.

In the coming week we’ll be returning (God willing) to our initial series, ‘Freedom From Fear’ and covering two more episodes from Mark chapter 5 over the next two Sundays. Both these shows are going to be full of colour, entertainment and solid Bible teaching, pitched at a level kids can understand and apply.

Don’t miss out, tell your friends, so they can join us on Anton's Facebook page and gain confidence in this uncertain time as we focus on Jesus’ majesty over disease and death.

How to Do Kids Church Without Leaving the House

Ffear2evilIs THE virus making your kids miss their Kid’s church?

Here in Australia, churches are closed, gatherings are limited to two people...all due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What if you could guarantee them an interactive, entertaining, half hour of solid Bible teaching pitched at their level?

Anton’s got good news!

Anton’s Antics has been performing a full blown, 30 minute live show, live and FREE on Facebook for the past two weeks to ensure kids have access to some awesome Bible teaching during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Right now you can catch the replay of Anton’s Live Shows that were Live streamed to Facebook, right here:

Freedom From Fear 2: Pure Evil


Aside - An apology:

We’re all learning how to handle new tech aren’t we!

For those wondering why the footage this week is a little grainy, well, that’s a rookie error on our part we think, as we weren’t quick enough to SAVE the video feed before FB took it and posted it to our timeline. Consequently, all we can do is download the FB feed and unfortunately, FB has only a very grainy quality. Now this could be due to our camera’s FB video upload settings or just FB being tight on video quality. We do apologise and hopefully in the coming week we’ll never see that problem recur!

I think we all need to pray to be kind to ourselves and those around us as we break new ground and learn new things.


How can you prepare for Anton’s Kids Church in your home?

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Unstoppable: How to have faith in a time of fear

unstoppableTook my kids to see the “Soul Surfer Sequel” the other week. Well, actually, my wife did and I tagged along thinking, ‘it’s good to support these things and my girls really liked Soul Surfer’, so here we are in a cinema with friends from church watching a limited release screening.

You really should catch this movie...somehow!

While it picks up where Soul Surfer left off, this is not recreation of real life but a documentary. If you don’t know, the Soul Surfer movie was a recreation of what happened to upcoming pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her left arm in a shark attack in Hawaii while surfing.

Now describing the ‘sequel’ with the word ‘documentary’ sounds dull and doesn’t really do this film justice.

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Freedom from fear: Why Corona Can’t Stop God’s Word from Spreading

…now that churches are starting to shut down, effectively preventing gatherings of more than a few, Anton’s got great news for your family or ministry!

This weekend Anton will be going LIVE to Facebook with a full throttle live performance, straight into your home or church.

No need for tickets

No need to clamor down the front to get a good spot.

Just show up with your computer, tablet or phone with your kids and catch the live stream.

Your kids will love it!

What’s the show about?

Freedom from Fear

With all the stress and scariness of what’s happening in our world over the Coronavirus, Anton thought it was time to step up and go live on the internet with a show to encourage us all, FREE.

What you can expect?

All the characters, all the fun, live stories from the Bible using colourful chalk drawings, crazy antics and wait for it…a bit of rap music that will shake a good fist at the prevailing fear and drive us all to a deeper trust in Jesus.

Go and Tell your friends and show up on:

10 AM (Sydney Time AEST) on Sunday 22nd March

But I’m in the USA?

Ok, then if for example you are in IOWA, you’ll be turning up on Saturday 21st March at 6pm (yes, we are 16 hours ahead of you in Oz).


Anton’s Facebook page

Yes, it will be Facebook live!

Which means you could even ask a question for me to answer if you like.

So, make sure you’re following Anton’s FB page.

And Tell you friends…let’s make THIS go viral and unlike Corona, spread God’s word and love across the globe.

PS: Please pray for this idea to work! It’s no easy thing to try and pull off…maybe you’ll see quite a bit of stumbling here, but I hope to make it worth your while and honour our Lord.

PPS: here’s the time again: 10 AM (Sydney Time AEST) on Sunday 22nd March

PPPS: Follow Anton’s FB page so you’re good to go for the live stream

Why THE virus means more ministry, not less

viruscomputer-dimitri-karastelev-0hO1QgI1H8g-unsplash-1It’s easy to fall prey to fear and take flight, cocooning ourselves in mountains of toilet paper, if we have them, in response to the threat of the coronavirus.

It’s easy to become paralyzed and panic.

OK, to take precaution is sensible. To do what we can to slow the spread is wise.

My church denomination has just suspended all services for the time being.

So its over for ministry, right?


Why the virus won’t stop the (Anton) music!

We need to be cautious but we also need to be creative, proactive …the word of God is not chained to a virus

Instead of just shutting off and closing down every ministry we have, we need to talk about how we can be creative in doing more ministry in these times, not less.

Which is why, Anton is about to do something creative, something proactive, something risky but worth a shot…more on this later.

I watched a very encouraging live video stream on Facebook the other day with two church pastors discussing how they were going to respond to the virus and its impacts on their ministry.

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I Have No Toilet Paper...Can You Spare a Square?

whogivesacrapPanic buying has emptied the shelves of Sydney supermarkets and the crazy thing is, instead of non -perishable food disappearing from the shelves, its no…toilet paper.

You can’t buy tissues; you can’t buy paper towels. Why? Because everyone who can’t buy toilet paper is buying the next available item to replace it with.

I didn’t panic buy.

I didn’t do anything different.

But those fearing the zombie apocalypse brought on by the corona virus have bought out the supplies and stockpiled them in their toilet paper bunkers at home.

Why toilet paper?

If you’ve no food, you won’t be eating.

If you can’t eat you won’t need it.

Pretty soon we’ll be down to newspaper, then packaging, then leaves.

Maybe I’ll pop around to your house and use your loo, O great stock pilers of Sydney.

My wife's just ordered a starter pack from 'who gives a crap'...toilet rolls made from bamboo that support third world communities...who'd have thought?!

Never in my life have people been genuinely afraid on the scale we are seeing.


First, we faced extended and widespread drought.

But us city folk were Ok, we fear and feel sorry for the farmers, but it doesn’t really affect our lifestyle.

Until the prices hike. Then we squeal.

Have mercy!

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Feel free to insult me: Mr Bean Frees Speech

mr beanDo your kids like Mr. Bean?

I’ve got a video for you that is worth checking out as a family.

But it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

Artists are prophets.

All art at one level is prophetic, speaking about the age we live in, sizing it up and holding it up to judgement.

Mr. Bean, I’m sure you are well familiar with, is a character played by Rowan Atkinson.

Rowan is an artist who, last year I believe, came forward in favour of proposed changes to legislation in the UK, for keeping speech, free. His words are wonderfully clear and helpful, prophetic.

‘Feel Free to Insult me..’

…is the slogan, and it pretty much summarises what we all need to talk about regarding the growing level of ‘you can’t say that’ in our societies.

You see it seems that western democracies around the world are facing a blackout.

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How will climate change affect the way you raise your kids?

climatechangelinanlimWe can hear the land groan as it drinks in the rain from recent downpours.

We are reminded of that verse that the ‘creation eagerly awaits the sons of God to be revealed so it can be released from its bondage to decay…’

Recent catastrophic fires across our country have wreaked enormous devastation and left families and kids with nightmares. Some will be left with scarred memories of holidays gone wrong, others with much more, the loss of home, livestock, businesses and lives.

Climate change advocates used the horrendous moment to shout down nay-sayers and demand more action from government.

We heard one sporting celebrity refer to the events as signs of God's judgement, even connecting them with recent changes in legislation to allow same sex marriage.

The government didn’t really engage and perhaps rightly, focused, albeit a little belatedly, on helping communities and deploying services for fighting the fires.

If you have kids, they’ll likely be on board with it. Or at least ‘onboarded’ with it as they go to school. Unless of course your kids’ school is ‘right wing’ as the lefties say and don’t accept the evidence or claims about climate change.

Are you going to raise climate change activits, passivists, naysayers or just don't engage and let them find their own way?

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